Why does göt2b support cyberbullying as a cause and vows to fight online hate?

göt2b is about self-expression. göt2b wants to encourage people to celebrate their originality with their style to show their personality, individuality, and attitude - without the fear of repercussions. Therefore, göt2b wants to raise awareness on the issue of cyberbullying and, more importantly, wants people to engage through activities and empower them to act.

Anti-Cyberbullying is close to the heart of göt2b, as cyberbullying affects a lot of people and leads them to edit the ways they present themselves to the world. They feel silenced, hide their feelings, and feel unable to express themselves fully, which goes against everything göt2b stands for.

We are committed to tackling cyberbullying because it is a global issue that sadly is getting worse. Research shows, 37% of teens have been bullied online, leading to psychological illness, anxiety and even suicide. (Source: Patchin, Ph.D, Justin. "2019 Cyberbullying Data“; Safety Net: Cyberbullying’s Impact on Young People’s Mental Health: Inquiry Report. The Children’s Society.).

Since 2021, göt2b has collaborated with Ditch the Label to amplify and support them in combating online hate and cyberbullying. The collaboration is an important step to help raise awareness about the problems associated with cyberbullying. Together, we will use the opportunity to empower consumers to call out online bullying wherever they see it and raise anyone who feels unable to express themselves freely due to cyberbullying. 

Why has a hair care and styling brand decided to tackle the issue of cyberbullying?

göt2b is about self-expression. göt2b wants to encourage people to celebrate their originality with their style, for them to show their personality, individuality, and attitude. People can’t live their true lives online if they’re victims of cyberbullying, so göt2b wants to empower them to break down the barriers and live without the fear of social repercussions.

Why now?

Over the last year, a vast majority of anti-cyberbullying organizations report a notable increase in cyberbullying.* The figures sadly speak for themselves: cyberbullying is continuously increasing given that everyone has been spending more time online, a trend that was accelerated by the pandemic. göt2b takes a stand, raises awareness, and does its bit to create a more positive culture online and encourage people to celebrate their originality.

*(Source: Ditch the Label, Online Hate in the Covid Era (2021).

What are the göt2b Anti-Cyberbullying Guides?

The Anti-Cyberbullying Guides are a range of digital assets and resources that are available through göt2b’s Anti-Cyberbullying Hub. They were developed by Ditch the Label and provide background, information for support services, and tips on how to respond to cyberbullying. 

What is the Ditch the Label Harmful Content Removal Tool? What does it do?

The Ditch the Label Harmful Content Removal Tool aims to prevent harmful behavior right at its source and makes it easier and as seamless as possible for users to flag and counteract abusive posts and comments on social media. People confronted with abusive online content can escalate their complaint via the tool. A team of trained Ditch the Label mentors reviews the filed complaints and works closely with the senior moderation teams at most of the leading social networks to remove abusive content within 24 to 48 hours.

If the content is objectively in violation of social network terms and conditions, it is then escalated directly. Once reviewed by the network, the content is then removed, and punitive measures are put in place for the offender.

For more information visit ditchthelabel.org

How does göt2b ensure data privacy regulations are adhered to when users access the Harmful Content Removal Tool?

göt2b is fully committed to protecting consumers’ privacy and addresses this topic with the utmost care. Personal and non-personal information is safeguarded according to the highest privacy and data protection standards. Those regulations hold us accountable for not sharing or selling personal information to a third party. When people access the Harmful Content Removal Tool, they do so through the Ditch the Label website. Like us, Ditch the Label complies with regulatory privacy and data protection standards and protects personal data from harm or misuse.

How will your campaign help LGBTQIA+ people to live more openly online?

Studies have shown that half of all LGBTQIA+ people have experienced online harassment in the form of private messages or via social media posts.* In fact, homophobia made up 85% of conversations relating to hate speech about sexual orientation (Source: Ditch the Label, Online Hate in the Covid Era (2021).

göt2b passionately believes time is overdue to change that. göt2b is an inclusive brand and stands for self-expression. göt2b encourages people to celebrate their originality with their style, show their personality, individuality, and attitude. Therefore, göt2b is committed to helping create a safer environment in which people can express their originality without having to fear repercussions.

*(Source: 2015 National School Climate Survey.” GLSEN).

How will you protect the influencers, talents and co-creators involved in your campaign from nasty comments or cyberbullying on your own platforms?

At göt2b, we will call out hate speech and bullying comments whenever we see them on our own channels. We will also take every opportunity to stand up for the people who are part of our campaign and encourage our community to do so, too. We will have a “zero tolerance” policy for online bullying on our channels.

Our people featured in our campaigns will have direct access to a support mentor at our partners Ditch the Label who will be available to provide ad-hoc support, remove abusive social media content and will be there in the unlikely event of any campaign talent being targeted. 

What do I do when victims of hate speech and online abuse ask me for advice?

It’s best to refer them to a professional help line or mentor who can provide advice and counsel. (e,g, www.ditchthelabel.org)

Our partner organization Ditch the Label suggests having a pre-prepared text ready. It could read something like this (you can replace DTL with a locally relevant helpline or advice service):

Thanks for your message. I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through a tough time. I can understand that it must feel really challenging for you at the moment. I'm not actually trained to give advice on this topic, however you can reach out to Ditch the Label for free and confidential help and support. They have tons of resources and a support community where you can ask trained mentors for advice on everything from bullying and mental health to identity and body image. The URL is www.DitchtheLabel.org. Hope it helps.

How did you choose the people to be part of your co-creator/ talent squad?

We looked for people for our local and global campaign who have spoken out about online bullying on their own channels and have built up their own communities around the world. Our göt2b creators is a group of influential young people who are living their lives unapologetically and are empowering their communities to do so, too. It’s an honour to work with them.

Why have you decided to work with Ditch the Label?

göt2b has chosen to collaborate with Ditch the Label as this is one of the largest youth charities in the world which helps 12–25-year-olds with issues such as bullying, mental health, cyberbullying, body-image, relationships, sex, identity and coming out. The aim, eventually, is to develop joint programs with Ditch the Label that create a more positive culture on social media. We will do this by building a network which connects victims with buddies, resources and help, while empowering people to speak up and step in whenever they see hate online. This global collaboration will not only provide us with access to relevant experts and resources, but it will also reinforce our commitment to combating cyberbullying.

How much money does göt2b hope to donate to its charity partner? And how much money overall does göt2b aim to raise through the anti-cyberbullying campaign?

As part of our partnership, göt2b’s partner organization Ditch the Label received a substantial grant which will go towards developing tools and resources to prevent and fight cyberbullying and to help those affected as well as witnesses to online abuse. As part of göt2b’s ongoing commitment, we hope to raise more money, for instance, via retail activations that will further fuel future programming and prevention programs.

What kind of long-term impact do you hope this campaign will have?

Through the different activities involved in our campaign, göt2b wants to raise awareness on the issue of cyberbullying and to open a wide-ranging and inspiring conversation around this topic. We want to amplify the voices of all of those involved in our campaign, share their stories and allow them to advocate for anyone who has been a victim of cyberbullying. Right now, 60% of young people have witnessed online bullying, but most do not intervene*, so we also want to embolden people to call out hate whenever they see it and give them the community and tools to shut it down. In this way, we want to do our part to make online spaces more positive in the long run. In short, we want to start the conversation and help our people to continue to advocate for real change online, for themselves and for future generations.

*(Source: https://www.dosomething.org/us/facts/11-facts-about-cyber-bullying)